Professional Services

Business Continuity Planning

Assured Cover actively encourages and assists its clients to develop a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) for their business. The BCP not only reduces the down time following a loss or interruption to the business, but is also essential in determining:

  • The time line (Indemnity Period) required by the business to get back to its pre-loss position
  • To quantify the Gross Profit or Gross Revenue amount to be insured and
  • To quantify the amount required by the business for any additional increase in cost of working,

and to ensure an adequate cash flow back to the client for the continuity of the business.

Total Claim Service

We work with our clients to ensure prompt and full settlement of their claims. We provide advice to our clients on what action they need to take, what documentation will be required for prompt claims settlement and if appropriate, negotiate amounts for progress payments.

Assured Cover works with any Insurer appointed Loss Assessor to ensure that they have a full understanding of our clients insurance coverage, to make sure clients receive their full policy claims entitlements.


Assured Cover endeavors to meet with its clients at least twice annually. The first meeting takes place prior to the expiry of the existing policies to review any changes or developments that may have occurred within the client’s business and to obtain updated information for renewal negotiations with insurers. Any outstanding matter and claims are also reviewed at this meeting.

The second meeting takes place mid way through the insurance year to, not only review changes or developments within the client’s operations, but also to inform clients of any changes within the Insurance industry or in Statutory requirements which may impact on the client’s business. Any KPI’s that may have been agreed would also be reviewed.

All meetings are minuted with copies provided to our clients, together with a Status Report on any outstanding claims.


Assured Cover prides itself on returning our client’s calls or emails on the same day that they are received.


Assured Cover is available to its clients, 7 days a week.